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Decision Support Tool

DST use in meetingMarineMap offers users web-based access to all of the data, methods and analyses that scientists utilize to evaluate Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Without special training or assistance, working in a group setting or at home, MarineMap users can draw, evaluate and discuss prospective MPAs.

MarineMap Decision Support Tool (DST) allows you to:

  • Visualize social and ecological attributes of coastal areas
  • Draw and assemble networks of prospective MPAs
  • Specify types of regulations to be applied to each MPA, as well as goals and objectives fulfilled
  • Generate reports that assess MPAs according to scientific guidelines as well as social and economic impacts
  • Share MPA boundaries and networks with other users
  • Discuss results with others in online forum
  • Quickly and easily modify existing MPA concepts as the process evolves


To see the MarineMap DST in action, take the online tour.


“With MarineMap, you can create multiple iterations of a proposal — almost on the fly.”

— Ben Sleeter, Recreational Fisherman, Half Moon Bay, California